Eric Keunne (The price of greatness is responsibility.)

Eric Keunne (The price of greatness is responsibility.)

Eric Keunne is a well known and very popular figure in the black community in Ontario. Passionate about Communication, Education, Equity, Leadership, and Community Development, he is currently a teacher and Head of the Department of French & Arts at the Halton School Board (HDSB) in Ontario.

He is well known for his active participation, pertinent arguments and great contribution on diverse topics over various local media (Radio Canada, Choq FM, Radio Kilimanjaro ..) where he is regularly invited to share his ideas which lead him since September 2019 to be a cultural columnist on the program L’Heure de Pointe of Radio Canada-Ici Ontario. At the community level, he is currently at the head of one of the Biggest Cameroonian cultural Council in Ontario (Bamileke Ontario).

In short, Eric has been very engaged at the community level since he moved to Toronto in August 2010. His undisputable leadership and managerial skills made him a very important and useful asset at the community level, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Radio Kilimanjaro, Toronto Community Radio, and has served on the board of directors of ACEI Canada (Alliance for an Inclusive Learning Community) whose mission is to build a platform for the professional and personal development of teachers from diverse backgrounds,  to address the issues and challenges of 21st-century education in Ontario and Canada. He dedicates a lot of his time mentoring young people in his school and community so that they can further their role as Leaders of today and tomorrow and prepare for a better insertion on all levels in the Canadian society.

Nevertheless, despite his multiple caps and important role in the community, He is married to a beautiful wife Sorelle Tia and both have been blessed with two little angels: Michele Andrea (6 yrs) and Gilles Patrick (5yrs).

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