To celebrate Black History Month, York Region Food Network (YRFN) alongside Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association (NACCA) and in partnership with the Town of Newmarket are hosting an evening of Afro-Caribbean Cooking and Storytelling.

Afro-Caribbean Cooking and Storytelling is an exploration of culture through food. It takes participants on a culinary journey, exploring the variations of pre-colonial food throughout the continent of Africa to modern day Caribbean cuisine. Participants will taste their way through the islands, hearing stories and experiences to better understand the impacts the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and colonization has had on the migration of people and foodstuffs, and the historical significance of Afro-Caribbean cuisines and practices.

**Stuitable for ages 7 to ADULT years – especially families**

“This event bridges the gap between the past and the present, teaches us to examine the historical significance of Afro-Caribbean cuisines and practices and assesses how food and cuisines shapes who we are as a people,” says NACCA’s Chairperson, Jerisha Grant-Hall. Furthermore, “the African continent has had a tremendous impact on foodstuffs, cuisines and cultures throughout the Caribbean, South America and North America. This session offers an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate these influences.”