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Miamiam Catering
Miamiam Catering
Miamiam Catering
Miamiam Catering
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Miamiam, it's WonderFood!!

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100% Halal
Cravings, catering, special events etc…MiaMiam is your VISA to ”Happy Stomach Land”.

Freshly-made dishes according to your taste and cravings. Every week, we offer you a tour around the world with the most delicious dishes that YOU GET TO PICK. Ready to be amazed? Then, fasten your seat belt and ride around the world with us on a journey to stimulate your taste buds

Catering: Are you inviting people over with no desire to cook? Or is it that you just don’t quite grasp this whole cooking shebang? Oh, we get it, you don’t want to get your house messy! No need to panic, we are a professional team with the skills to tackle just about any challenge! Simply pick your menu and let us cook for you. Your guests would beg for a second invitation.

The Taste of Africa: Africa is a blend of cultures and values. Every region, and every ethnicity has their own dishes and wonders. Our special African menu will be either a cure to your nostalgia or a way for you to discover the African culinary arts, its diversities and its rainbow of spices.

Kick-back: We are the number one partner for your kick back event. Barbecue, anniversaries, reunions etc… through our expertise, we can make your event fun and tasty. Just Pick the menu and let us do the work.

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